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How Can Prairie Wi-Fi Help You?

A fast connection through Wi-Fi and social media
allows your business to better reach and market to current and future customers

Social Media Performance Monitoring

Prairie Wi-Fi's job is simple: connect customers with great businesses

Let our device and software transform your business by creating stronger social networks and valued customer connections. We know relationships start on premise. Let us help you build them.

@Prairie Wi-Fi Love it! Thank you for helping us build a stronger social media presence. I can't reccomend your service and support enough! :)

@Mick, Kerryman Chicago

(Screenshot: Reporting Tool & Included Monitoring)

Works Across Three Social Media Profiles

Not all users have the same social media accounts. That is why we've developed a platform that can reach your customers with the account of there choice. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Wi-Fi connections give you the ability to reach customers the way they prefer to connect with their favorite business.

We've wanted to grow our social media and SEO presence with our customers for the past 5 years. Prairie's Wi-Fi platform allowed us to reach the customers most likely to visit.

@JackT, San Francisco

Easy To Customize

Have a niche social media account? Only want one or two social media accounts to be your central focus? The Prairie Wi-Fi social application allows owners the ability to customize the platform to meet the social media needs of the business. Just like certain social media accounts mean specific things to users, they also mean specific things to business.

We can walk you through how easy this is to customize.

Simple, easy to set up, and very easy to customize as well!

@AlexD, Milwaukee

(Screenshot: Select your preferred social media accounts)

Connect Your Users

The customers that are most likely to follow your business are the ones that are at your business. A simple and expedited authentication allows your customers to like or follow your business and then continue with their wireless expereince. After customers leave your business they are always within reach through the social media account they used to connect. They stay updated and engaged which makes them more likely to vist again.

Why continue to leave your wireless connection closed off from the world? Customers want connections and the benafits to business are too great to pass up.

I post updates and specials on Thursdays and Saturdays. This platform allows to reach customers that email marketing and tranditional advertising could never reach.

@LouisA, Chicago

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